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ATLAS SIG Meeting Dark Tourism 2018 - Amsterdam

15. - 16.02.2018

Dark Tourism Research Group Meeting

15 - 16 February, 2018 - Amsterdam, Netherlands


We are happy to announce the first ATLAS SIG Dark Tourism Conference in cooperation with the Institute of Dark Tourism Research (iDTR) to be held February 15-16 at Inholland University in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This Dark Tourism Conference tourism aims to provide a forum for international educators, scholars, researchers, industry professionals, policy-makers, and graduate students to present and evaluate emerging paradigms and discuss pioneering practices within the broader cultural tourism field. Dark tourism is defined as the act of travel to sites of death, disaster, or the seemingly macabre within the visitor economy. As such, the idea of ‘dark tourism’ raises fundamental questions of the interrelationships between the touristic representation of death and the cultural condition of society.


We are seeking conceptual and/or empirical-based papers that seek to shed light on the various aspects of dark tourism and related subjects such as contested heritage, ethics, management and marketing of ‘dark’ venues, education, visitor experiences and management, resource stewardship and positioning these venues in a wider context. The conference will thus attempt to foster progressive approaches within dark tourism studies, rather than to simply reproduce well-rehearsed empirical models and conceptual applications. The overall aim of this track is to present a new agenda for future research and theoretical exposition.


The symposium will be hosted at the Diemen campus of Inholland University and is open to students, researchers, and industry representatives of visitor attractions that might be considered ‘dark tourism’ venues – such as museums, themed attractions, cemeteries, remembrance monuments and battlefields. The aim of the symposium is bring together industry and academia to critically shine a light on the ‘darker side of travel’.


Keynote speaker – Dr Philip Stone


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